As the fortifications continue, the leaders of the three races have released an official statement concerning what will happen in the upcoming days. Read it here.
Current Caps: N/A (May be capping foxes soon.)
Current Encouragements: Wolves

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Enigma has decided to go on hiatus for a brief time until our members aren't as distracted by school. xD We'll be back soon.


2 | 7 | 2013
We've recently upgraded to Proboards v5! Please be patient while Opal works out the kinks and gets everything as it was before. In the meantime, we'll be moving on to the next step of our plot soon! Check out the thread linked in the "calendar" section for more info.
2 | 5 | 2013
Wow, it's been a while since I updated this! Anyway, let's please welcome our newest staff member, the wonderful Thorn! I'm certain all of you know her, as she's a constant, friendly presence in the cbox, and the type of person who will read character bios for the fun of it. As such, she's been given the role of Biography Mod, and is now allowed to accept your characters.
Also, I recently applied to two new sites to become affiliates with: Forest Spirit and Some Nights! Please check out their links at the bottom of the page while our application awaits approval.
Additionally, please welcome our new site mascot, Oswald the Demon Kitty! Give him clicks and he'll love you. Be a meanie and he'll eat you.

Welcome to Enigma

Welcome to Enigma, a literate fantasy steampunk RP! Here, we roleplay three species, each with a unique culture: intellectual, British foxes; militaristic, strict wolves; and marauding pirate felines. Care to know more? We've included some summaries below, but for more info, check out the links in the navigation areas!
Overall: 6 / Male: 4 / Female: 2
Marauding pirates who sail the seas in boats, the swaggering sailors of these sturdy ships are composed of all sorts of big cats- lions and tigers but not bears. They're ruled by a Council of the most influential captains, and are never afraid to abscond with wine, women, or both.
Overall: 8 / Male: 3 / Female: 5
Refined intellectuals who spend their days navigating a social web of intrigue and the equally complex webs of chemical and arcane formulas, foxes are the entrepreneurs of Enigma. The best inventions come from the foxes' Colleges, education institutions for the most intelligent of their numbers. Governed by a Parliament, the foxes rule the skies in their floating cities, airskiffs, and zeppelins.
Overall: 3 / Male: 0 / Female: 3
Strict and violent conquerors, the wolves are extremely militaristic. Governed with an iron paw by the Conglomerate, the leaders of their Legions, the wolves train and march onward to blood, war, and victory. Wolves are broken up into a simple system of small battalions and larger legions, and roam across the aptly named Sanguine Plains in their massive tank-cities. They are master artists- their paint is blood, and their canvas life itself.



RANK Monarch

Hi. I'm Opal. Not much to tell about me- I thought this site up one night while eating fake chicken Kiev, mashed potatoes, and carrots. That being said, I'm the resident expert on everything Enigma, with Val as my co-leader. If you have a question about lore or the forum and can't find the answer anywhere, feel free to PM me or her. However, I do not guarantee that I have had my rabies vaccination.


RANK Monarch


NAME Secret

RANK Baron

I WANT A CAT TOO... And I'm Secret, proud administrator of Enigma. I'll be watching you sleep watching over the forum, helping any members in need. I will also be making the forum banners, just because I'm cool like that. Welcome, friend.

NAME Thorn

RANK Noble & Biography Moderator

This is a blurb, guys. Blurbity blurb! I'm Thorn, and my main job here is to read over and accept character biographies. I look forward to meeting many new and wonderful characters, and to usurping working alongside Opal in the quest for a bright Enigmian future!


RANK Officer

Hi. I'm Ava, one of the two coders on this site... Val being the other. I did make the template that the site wears, Opal did the skinning. Um... I like cats, and other animals too. Welcome, I guess.
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RANK Officer

Oh hello, I'm Nova. I'm the one and only officer, much like a mod, so like Secret I shall watch you. I'm a little strange, but I think all the staff are. Well i'll probably be the annoying mod that corrects everything you do. I would say I can be out going, but I can be annoying and a drama queen. Also, I am quite strange, so...beware.


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